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Puppy Plans:

Puppies expected end July 2016 out of:

Danish Champion, Club Junior Champion, DKJW'13, Club Champion Dreamcatcher's Wish Upon The Stars (BamBam)


MultiBIS C.I.B NOCH DKCH HEW-12 FIW-12 NOW-11 DKW-12 NORDW-12 KBHV-13 SEW-13 NOW-14 SEW-14 SEW-15 NORDW-15 Northbay Rock on Summit - aka Jagger...
#3 Showdog in Sweden and #4 Showdog in Denmark (all-breed)

Inquiries are welcome for this litter!





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KBHVJV'15 DKJV '15 KLBJCH Dreamcatcher's Black Jagg'N'It

aka Wiggles (7 CACs, 2 CACIBs only 20 mths old)


Best of Breed and Best in Group #3 at DKK Vejen Int'l Show, June 11th, 2016   

Best of Breed and Best In Group #4 at SKK Malmö Int'l Show, March 19, 2016

Best of Breed at specialty Show in Denmark. May 28th, 2016                                




I and my dogs are looking forward to having you "visit" us!

Britt Siegstad

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